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our Limo Service safety and security mission

Our Limo operated by Professional Chauffeurs

Atlanta  Limo Rental Service is operated by Professional Chauffeurs

Atlanta Limo Rental Service's chauffeurs are all well experienced in the safe, smooth limo operation of our vehicles. All of our drives take pride in navigating Atlanta Georgia and its surrounding busy roads and areas, following the most efficient routes and always applying the defensive driving techniques we teach them at our limo company during their extensive training. All of our chauffeurs undergo thorough serious background checks, and any criminal records including criminal, driving check and we also review their employment records to ensure our clients’ safety. Safety in Limo company is a priority.

Well-Maintained limousine Fleet

Well-Maintained Atlanta Ga limousine Fleet

At Atlanta Limo Rental company we sure know that one of the several reasons our customers choose us is because they want a state-of-the-art, well-safe-maintained- highly secured, spotless, very clean limo cars. Our limo maintenance workers take very  exquisite care to make sure all of our limousine remain in excellent condition, and our drivers take pride and highly trained in ensuring all the vehicles they operate are spotlessly presented and ready for every passenger. At Atlanta limo Rentals Service we only use the newest, top-of-the-line limos and cars for our fleet, so all our clients are can rest assured that wherever you’re going, you’ll be traveling in style and in peace of mind.

Amazing Customer Service


Atlanta Limo Rental Service works on the five-star on the clock customer service model. Therefore, we provide a 24/7 dispatch limo service with GPS tracking and navigation integrated cars. Our well managed highly secured security systems ensure that customers’ personal information is kept private without being worried. Your information is safe with us. Additionally, after every service, you have the opportunity to be able to send us a feedback through a specialized private secured system for our customer monitoring process. Your feedback is very important to us for a better future service and on going quality customer service.